Seven Day Wonder

Thursday - Oblate

Thursday (Ishpiniganiwan, Host Day)

Thursday (Ishpiniganiwan, Host Day)


alt : Thursday (Ishpiniganiwan, Host Day)

Runtime:  1 m 34 s


Thursday, Ishpiniganiwan. It’s the day that you lift the host. Lifting the host. Thursday is the Ishpiniganiwan. Means the day you raise the host. Must be a church them days…to raise the host by the priest when they raise the host up there. (the alter) They call that Ishpiniganiwan. But they did not explain what it means, what do you raise…it’s the raising of something. When you say Ishpina, it means you raise somebody or Ishpiniganiwan, you raise something up in the sky.


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