Kip Sigwadja - "DAY"

Kip Sigwadja - "DAY"

Video Description:
Camera pans back slowly from a surreal accelerated sun rise over an Ocean. We hear a soft piano piece, Gymnopedie No.1 by Eric Satie, playing in the background. Clouds move in rapid order expressing the time-lapsed distorted nature of the landscape. Land approaches from the bottom of the screen, with wind that is out of sequence with the sky. As the camera slowly pans across the landscape, a stone statue of a Penguin appears. The camera moves forward towards the ocean as dusk approaches. As night time appears the screen fades into credits and the music fades. At the end of the video, the following text appears, “Remember the Penguins” – Antarctica 2350.


CGI Animation: Kip Sigwadja
MusicMix: Piano – Eric Satie – Gymnopedie No.1

“Remember the Penguins” – Antarctica - 2350

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Title: DAY

Size: 22.9 Megs

Run Time: 3 minutes 3 seconds