Water & Light:  Faces Project


Water & Light:  Faces Project
Image of a childs face projected onto the wall of The Winnipeg Art Gallery
Title:  Water & Light:  Faces Project
Location:  The Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, MB
Date:  November 2 - 4, 2006



In honour of Manitoba’s aboriginal community, the Urban Shaman Gallery in collaboration with the Water & Light Collective and The Winnipeg Art Gallery produced a community art project entitled, water & light: FACES PROJECT.


These are the faces of our people; our mothers, our sisters, brothers, fathers, grandparents, friends and All Our Relatives. This project seeks to celebrate the beauty of our relations and invite all of Manitoba to see and participate in that celebration.


We projected the faces of 250 aboriginal people onto the outside wall of The Winnipeg Art Gallery overlooking Memorial Boulevard in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


The 40-foot tall video portraits were displayed to coincide with the Manito-Abee Aboriginal Festival November 3-5th.