The Patient Storm

The Patient Storm

The Patient Storm

Artist:  Dana Claxton

Production shot 1:  Two actresses and production staff setting the lighting for the Patient Storm

Production Photo

QuickTime is required for multimedia elements.

"This short work is a conversation between Storm and Lightning. Storm is an elegant, knowledgeable patient woman. Lightening, is a trickster type stylie, craxysexycool girlish woman who talks somewhat in riddles and rhyme. At the beginning of their conversation they are waiting for Wind, Rattling Wings and the other Thunder People. Together, they need to make an appearance at the Sundance.


The elements are running late. The wait turns into waiting for justice in the abstract"


– Dana Claxton


Dana Claxton is an interdisciplinary artist whose work includes film and video, installation and performance art. Her work is held in public collections, including the Vancouver Art Gallery and numerous international libraries. Her work has been screened internationally, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (New York) and the Walker Art Centre (Minneapolis). She is an active member in the arts community and has participated in panel discussions, juries, advisory committees, mentoring Aboriginal youth and curatorial projects. Dana is of Hunkpapa Lakota descent and her family reserve is Wood Mountain Saskatchewan. Dana currently resides in Vancouver Canada.