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The exhibits are listed by title, description, artist, and date featured. Each listing will be accompanied by a picture of the exhibit.

Seven Day Wonder
Seven Day Wonder

Description:  "Seven Day Wonder" is a multi media project that will parallel the name days given to the seven day cycle of the Roman calendar compared to the name days given to the Algonquians by the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate starting in the early 1800's. The reserve known as Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg beside the town of "Maniwaki", Algonquian for "Mary's Land", incorporates days that literally defined, relate to the culture and rituals of the Roman Catholic traditions compared to the Roman- Pagan calendar that honours the planets and Gods in the universe.

Artist: Claude Latour

Date: June 2008

Archer Pechawis - Horse

Description: "Horse" is an historical re-imagining of the West told with voice, drum, video and cello (Cris Derksen). Originally written and performed for the 2001 Longest Night Festival in Whitehorse, Horse has transformed into a New Media performance with the development of a "digital drum", a hand drum with a "forward-engineered" laptop inside, which played video.

Artist: Archer Pechawis

Date: June 2008

Scott Stephens - Spider Pig
Spider Pig

Description: One roll of film. One spider pig. One city

Artist: Scott Stephens

Date: June 2008

Kip Sigwadja - "DAY"

Description: "DAY" is a computer generated presentation of a day.

Artist: Kip Sigwadja

Date: June 2008