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Past Exhibitions

Welcome to the Past Exhibitions section of our website. The exhibits are listed by title, description, artist, and date featured. Each listing will be accompanied by a picture of the exhibit.
Plain Truth
Plain Truth


Description:  "What is a virtual space? How do you visit a virtual world? Where are you when you do? Is it art or something more?

A new project by Jason Baerg and Khal Shariff for Storm Spirits pushes these boundaries. In the "Plain Truth" artists Jason and Khal create a virtual gallery floating in a virtual sky to offer a new perspective. Available online using Macromedia Flash technologies, this unique gallery allows visitors to float through clouds and navigates an island in the sky; art direction by Métis Jason Baerg and technical lead supported by Khal Shariff. As unexpected sounds provide ambience, one can experience visuals by Jason Baerg over the great Plaines.

Artist: Jason Baerg and Khal Shariff

Date: February 2008

Cyborg Hybrid Accessories: Cyborg @ Work (Cyborg Hybrid Niki), 2007
Cyborg Hybrids

Description: Cyborg Hybrids are Euro-Aboriginal artists who are forward thinkers and plugged in with technology. They follow the doctrine of Donna Harroway's Cyborg Manifesto, which states that a cyborg is a creature in a technological, post-gender world free of traditional western stereotypes towards race and gender.

Artist: KC Adams

Date: July 15, 2007
Production shot 1:  Two actresses and production staff setting the lighting for the Patient Storm
The Patient Storm

Description: This short work is a conversation between Storm and Lightning. Storm is an elegant, knowledgeable patient woman. Lightening, is a trickster type stylie, craxysexycool girlish woman who talks somewhat in riddles and rhyme.

Artist: Dana Claxton

Date: December 15, 2006
Image of a childs face projected onto the wall of The Winnipeg Art Gallery
Water & Light: Faces Project

Description: In honour of Manitoba’s aboriginal community, the Urban Shaman Gallery in collaboration with the Water & Light Collective and The Winnipeg Art Gallery produced a community art project entitled, water & light: FACES PROJECT.

Artist: Water & Light, Urban Shaman Gallery

Date: December 1, 2006